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Cohousing Resources

  • Cohousing: a Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves, 2nd edition, by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett, 1994, published by Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, California. (the second edition includes a chapter on Muir Commons complete with color photographs)
  • Collaborative Communities: CoHousing, Central Living, and Other New Forms of Housing with Shared Facilities, by Dorit From (1991), Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, $46.95. (this book includes information on Muir Commons and N Street Cohousing in Davis)
  • The CoHousing Network, publishers of CoHousing, The Journal of the CoHousing Network

Tours of Muir Commons

Tours of Muir Commons can be arranged by email (preferred), writing, or calling ahead to set up a convenient date and time. Please do not simply show up at Muir Commons to take a look around or ask to see the community - this is our living space.
Muir Commons
Attention: Tours/Requests
2222 Muir Woods Place
Davis, CA 95616 U.S.A.
tours at muircommons dot org
(530) 758-5202

Due to the fact that tours impact the community and take the time of residents, we ask $10 for a tour of up to 10 people; group rates are available. We also participate in tours of northern California cohousing communities led by the Cohousing Association of the US. We ask that you respect the privacy of residents and that you please follow the following basic rules: arrive on time (not early), do not take photos without permission, no smoking, no pets. No overnight accommodations are available on site. Please reconfirm your visit a couple of days in advance.

A Note to Prospective Buyers/Renters

Occasionally homes do become available for purchase or rental. If you are interested in moving to Muir Commons, we keep a list of interested people; when a vacancy arises, this information is passed on to a homeowner who wants to sell or rent. If a home is available, please arrange for a tour and orientation to the community to see if the Cohousing lifestyle is right for you. The resident keeping the waiting list and providing orientation to prospective buyers is Rhonda David.