How it works


Muir Commons is legally structured similarly to a condominium. Residents own the land in front of, under, and in back of their houses and share ownership of the common outdoor space and facilities. The Homeowners Association consists of a 26-member board of directors comprised of one member from each household. The community makes almost all decisions by consensus.


Sharing at Muir Commons involves a variety of responsibilities, tasks, equipment, and pleasures. Meals are shared several times a week in the Common House. Many items such as woodworking tools and lawn mowers are owned by all and shared. Residents share in the maintenance of common property by participating in various committees that do the work. Both formal and informal get-togethers are common here.


Responsibilities to the community include participating in common meals, participating in committees, cleaning, performing landscape and maintenance chores, participating in workdays, and attending general meetings. Some responsibilities can be hired out.

Every household must also pay monthly dues (currently set at $230) which covers the cost of operation and maintenance of shared facilities and activities.